Welcome to the Best of Sin City!

BOSC (Best Of Sin City) is a local service that utilizes a number of factors to create a list of the top adult entertainment businesses per category.  The algorithm we use to determine which business will rank on our list are not available for public knowledge.  Our mission is to create validated lists of the premiere businesses in Las Vegas for people to make smart business decisions.

It is free to list your business with us.  A basic listing is available at no charge while a premium listing can be purchased.  These premium listings work in the form of paid sponsorships.  There is no guarantee that you will be included in our business directory.  Admission is at the discretion of our management team.

Who is the "Best of Sin City" for?

The “Best of Sin City” awards was created to celebrate the businesses in the exotic adult entertainment world.  

The “Best of Las Vegas” awards is a very generalized award that goes out to almost every type of business there is.  Except for adult.  They only have a few awards and that’s for “Best Male Revue Show on the Strip” or “Best Topless Show on the Strip”.  But they don’t celebrate strip clubs, stripper agencies, or the many other adult types of businesses.

Now we have our own awards to celebrate our passions in life!  We don’t need to worry about people judging us.  We’ll judge ourselves and see who’s worthy of being the best of their category!  We will have an online voting system to ensure that our awards are given in a fair and reasonable manner.